It is the policy of IMS to provide services of a consistently high quality to our customers and to establish objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with customer and legal requirements.

IMS operates a Quality Management System which includes aspects specific to our scope of works, namely the Provision of Electro-Mechanical Industrial Services including Installation, Service and Repair. This System is certified by BSI to ISO9001:2015 standards.

The management has a continuing commitment to:

  • The development and improvement of the Quality Management System and its effectiveness including establishing the policy and its objectives within the company culture;
  • Ensuring that customer needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled with the aim of achieving and enhancing customer satisfaction;
  • Communicating throughout the Organisation the importance of meeting customer needs and legal requirements;
  • Ensuring that the management review meeting sets and reviews the quality objectives, and reports on the Internal audit results as a means of monitoring and measuring the processes and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System;
  • Ensuring the availability of resources

We constantly monitor our quality performance and implement improvements when appropriate. This includes regular reviews of the policy in order to ensure its continuing suitability and that it complies with all English and EU legislation and regulations specifically related to our business activities.

IMS personnel understand the requirements of our Quality Policy and abide with the contents of the manual within which the structure of the Quality Management System is defined. A copy of this policy is given to all members of staff upon induction as well as when changes have been made to the policy as a means of communicating the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Further information can be found on our certifications page. 

Quality ISO 9001