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DSEAR Assessments

DSEAR is the Dangerous Substance and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations 2002 which sets the minimum requirements for the protection of workers from fire and explosion risks relating to dangerous substances and potentially explosive atmospheres.

Potentially explosive atmospheres can occur within many industrial, pharmaceutical, and food related facilities. They can also be found in distilleries, paint spraying plants, flourmills, and woodworking machine shops.

DSEAR Assessments

A DSEAR Assessment involves identification and careful examination of any dangerous substance present or liable to be present in the workplace and consideration of how fire, explosion and similar events might harm employees and any other people affected by the work concerned. Its purpose is to enable employers to decide what they must do to eliminate or reduce the risk from dangerous substances, so far as reasonably practicable.

The DSEAR Assessment should include the classification of any Hazardous Areas that are present or likely to be present and the division of those Hazardous Areas into Hazardous Zones. Additionally, a risk assessment should also be conducted to identify where controls over ignition sources are needed and those places where they are not. This risk assessment should also capture any gaps in emergency procedures that are in place, maintenance records and schedules, Statutory test and inspection records and schedules, Staff Training, Safe Systems of Work and procedures in regard to the operation being conducted and storage of hazardous substances, competence of subcontractors working on Hazardous Equipment within Hazardous Areas and so forth.

What We Do

  • Identification of hazardous substances in use or storage and their hazardous properties
  • Identification of potential sources of release and category of release
  • Classification of your Hazardous Areas into Hazardous Zones
  • Production of Hazardous Area drawings identifying the type and extent of your Hazardous Zones
  • Identify and set the minimum required level for ATEX equipment that should be installed within your Hazardous Zones
  • Completion of Hazardous Area risk assessments
  • Identify any remedial actions or works required to obtain full compliance with the DSEAR Regulations
  • Gap analysis to identify any shortfalls in your existing documentation and procedures for compliance & management of your Hazardous Areas regarding DSEAR

DSEAR Turnkey Solution

IMS provides a turnkey solution to help you achieve full compliance with DSEAR.

Our DSEAR consultants can identify and provide the above services regarding Hazardous Area classification and risk assessment. Additionally, our qualified and in-house ATEX electrical & mechanical engineers can design, install, test, inspect and maintain your ATEX electrical and mechanical equipment and systems to the full requirements of the BSEN 60079 and BSEN 80079 Series of standards.

NICEIC Certificate – Hazardous Areas

Further Information

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DSEAR Assessments
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