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HMNB Portsmouth DSEAR & ATEX


Location: HM Naval Base, Portsmouth
Works Description: DSEAR Hazardous Area classifications & ATEX inspection and remedial works
Client: BAE Systems 2017 to 2022, KBS Maritime 2023 to 2024

In Q2 2017 IMS was contracted to conduct DSEAR Assessments upon every building on HMNB Portsmouth. Upon completion of these assessments approximately 20 areas were identified from 400 buildings as containing DSEAR Hazardous Zones, and all hazardous area classification and risk assessment documentation was completed and issued in Q4 2017.

The second phase was to carry out detailed inspections for the ATEX equipment identified to formulate an ATEX Database for the site, listing all the ATEX equipment installed upon site and identify remedial actions required for compliance. These ATEX detailed inspections were started in Q2 2018, and the database and remedial works were completed in Q1 2019.

A rolling program of ATEX inspections was conducted on a six-monthly basis for the following three years until Q4 2022.

Since 2017 the number of buildings increased to 431. This increase along with changes in both tenants and building usage required capture for compliance. KBS Maritime contracted IMS in Q3 2023 to repeat the DSEAR Survey for the 431 buildings with the inclusion of an additional 105 natural gas installations for the site to be completed by Q2 2024. This was to allow the reimplementation of the three year ATEX Electrical Inspection rolling programme commencing Q2 2024

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 HMNB Portsmouth DSEAR & ATEX
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