HM Naval Base Portsmouth has recently undergone major infrastructure work to provide facilities for when the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier is alongside in the Naval Base.  In June 2019 IMS supplied a Container Workshop for the dedicated engineering support area.

This was a bespoke design incorporating 2 off 20ft Hi Cube Shipping containers which were converted to allow for a suspended floor and freestanding ceiling to be placed between each container, to provide a suitably sized mobile workshop.

The aircraft carrier workshops were divided into a Hilti workshop area complete with a cold cut saw, pillar drill, racking for storage and benches fitted with engineers vices. The other workshop was partitioned off along its length with a welding curtain to provide for a welding area and grinding bay, complete welding supply and pedestal grinder.  The aircraft carrier workshops were fitted out with sufficient lighting to provide an average illuminance of 200 lux light level and ventilation to provide sufficient air movement within the workshop.


The mobile workshop has now been providing a suitable weatherproof workshop environment for the completion of grinding and welding operations locally to the vessel.  This has enabled the carrying out of localised operations on the Aircraft carrier where surfaces of the vessel could be damaged by welding and grinding splatter.