Citrus trainingA team of seven IMS engineers took part in the Entry into Confined Spaces with full breathing apparatus training, including rescue techniques. This 3-day course was run by provider Citrus Training.

Course Delivery

The course was delivered using a mobile training unit set up at our Portsmouth HQ. The unit is a specialist training facility providing a replicated confined space within, allowing attendees to practice moving around the internal space, whilst wearing breathing apparatus and practicing emergency rescue.

Course Content

The confined spaces training aimed at giving IMS engineers a good general understanding of confined spaces, approved code of practice (ACOP), and the dangers that are associated with entering confined spaces and how to exit them safely.

The areas covered included:

    • Atmospheric monitoring
    • Safety equipment and checks
    • Health hazards and controls
    • Escape and full working breathing apparatus
    • Practical exercises and assessment

The training also covered basic first aid techniques where our Engineers learnt how to stabilise a casualty by administering oxygen, resuscitation and CPR along with:

    • Airway management and oxygen therapy
    • Control of bleeding and wounds
    • Dealing with an unconscious casualty
    • Cause/treatment of fractures, shock and burns
    • Secondary assessment and recovery position

Training outcome

All IMS engineers who participated are now certified to carry out works in confined spaces.  The engineers are now competent in identifying a confined space and selecting the correct methods of risk control including choosing the right safety equipment, using full breathing apparatus and performing first aid and basic life support.